Divisional Badges

The Indian Army fields two Artillery Divisions, three Armoured Divisions, four RAPID Divisions, 10 Mountain Divisions and 18 Infantry Divisions. Shown below are markings of 33 division-level formations. Please click on the thumbnails to view a bigger picture.

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1 Armoured Division
Black Elephant
2 Mountain Division 3 Infantry Division
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4 Infantry Division
Red Eagles
5 Mountain Division
Ball of fire
6 Mountain Division
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7 Infantry Division
Golden Arrow
8 Mountain Division 9 Infantry Division
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10 Infantry Division
Crossed Swords
11 Infantry Division
Golden Katar
12 Infantry Division
Golden Axe
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14 Infantry Division
Golden Key
15 Infantry Division
16 Infantry Division
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17 Mountain Division
18 Infantry Division 19 Mountain Division
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20 Mountain Division
21 Mountain Division 22 Mountain Division
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23 Infantry Division
Fighting Cock
25 infantry Division
Ace of Hearts
26 Infantry Division
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27 Mountain Division
Mountain Lion
28 Infantry Division
29 Infantry Division
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31 Armoured Division
White Tiger
33 Armoured Division
36 Infantry Division
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39 Mountain Division
54 Infantry Division
57 Mountain Division

Special Thanks to David Zothansanga, Rupak Chattopadhyay, Jagan Pillarisetti and Amit Sharma

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