War Heroes

L/Nk Albert Ekka


Lance Naik Albert Ekka, was born on 27 December 1942 in Ranchi, Bihar. He was enrolled in the 14 Guards on 27 December 1962. During the 1971 Indo-Pak War, the 14 Guards was asked to capture a Pakistani position at Gangasagar, 6?« km west of Agartala in the eastern sector. It was a well-fortified position, held in good strength by the enemy. The reduction of this position was considered necessary as it was the key to the capture of Akhaura. The 14 Guards launched an attack on enemy positions at 0400 hours on 4 December 1971. Lance Naik Ekka went with the left forward company of the battalion in the attack. The assaulting Indian troops were subjected to intense shelling and small arms fire by the enemy.

Lance Naik Ekka observed that an enemy light machine gun was belching deadly fire from a bunker, causing heavy casualties to his company. Unmindful about his personal safety, he charged the enemy bunker, bayoneted two enemy soldiers and silenced the light machine gun. Though seriously injured in this encounter, he continued to fight alongside his comrades with courage, securing bunker after bunker. After battling through a distance of 1?« km, when Lance Naik Ekka and his comrades reached the northern end of the objective, an enemy medium machine gun opened up from the second floor of a well-fortified building. It inflicted heavy casualties on the Indian troops and help up their progress.

Once again Lance Naik Ekka, rose to the occasion. Unmindful of his personal safety, he crawled to the building and hurled a grenade into the bunker. One enemy soldier was killed and the other injured. But the MMG could not be silenced. Lance Naik Ekka then scaled the sidewall to enter the bunker. He bayoneted the enemy holding the bunker and silenced the deadly weapon. This saved his company from further casualties and ensured success. Lance Naik Ekka died of the injuries suffered during this battle. As a result of the fall of Gangasagar, the southern and south-western flanks of Akhaura were exposed and the enemy rear was threatened. Consequently the enemy was forced to vacate Akhaura. Lance Naik Albert Ekka was awarded Param Vir Chakra, the highest wartime gallantry medal, posthumously, for displaying the conspicuous bravery and determination.