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Dec 2007

AC.jpg (9772 bytes)Gallantry Award Update: Citations for Gallantry Awards for the period 1961-1965 can now be found online. nearly 100+ original citations from the Gazette updated.

1962 War Related - Maha Vir Chakra | Vir Chakra

Vayu Sena Medal Citations (incl 62 war related)  1961 | 1962 | 1963 | 1964 | 1965

All Others: 1961 | 1962 | 1963 | 1964 | 1965

Hasim ChachaNo.2 Squadron - Portraits from Gp Capt R M Engineer's Collection - the Officers who made up the squadron in the years 1952-55 Fire Power Display 2007 at PokhranFire Power Display 2007 at Pokhran - exclusive photo report from the PRO SWAC.
Vampires16.jpgNo.2 Squadron - Vampires from Gp Capt R M Engineer's Collection - The De Havilland Vampire FB52s of the unit. Official PR Images and recent eventsOfficial PR Images and recent events Updated with several photographs of IAF related events from the year 2007
001No.2 Squadron - Album 3 with varous other group photos from Gp Capt R M Engineer's Collection Other Updated Pages
» Cheetah Mountain Rescue
» Sarang Dhruvs
» Philately - IAF 75Years Minisheet Stamp

Nov 2007


More-Portraits-2_Small.jpg (11089 bytes)The  career of an ex-Flying Officer, now Capt M Balan -  who joined up during the Second World War is told in two parts. Part 1: A Flying Start - Training to be a Pilot No.4 Squadron in Japan (1946-47) - The PersonnelPHOTO ALBUM No.4 Squadron in Japan (1946-47) - The Personnel from the collection of Capt M Balan Sahgal02_Small.jpg (17282 bytes)Wg Cdr "Horace" Sahgal - A Profile by Sushil Talwar and Rana Chhina
-Part II of Capt Balan's career in the
RIAF - With the Oorials in Japan chronicles the saga of No.4 Squadron's stint with the BCOF
No.4 Squadron in Japan (1946-47) - The AircraftPHOTO ALBUM II - No.4 Squadron in Japan (1946-47) - The Aircraft from the collection of Capt M Balan Instructional DutiesAVM Arvind Dalaya's Instructional Duties Photo Album from the 50s

Oct 2007 75 Years of the Indian Air Force!

Prithi23_Small.jpg (20192 bytes)The Man who flew too much - 1 - the flying career of Air Marshal Prithi Singh RIAF Water Colours by Capt H H SheldonRIAF Water Colours by Capt H H Sheldon the official war artist. Masand.jpg (50747 bytes)Air Battle over Dacca - Harish Masand's air combat on Dec 4 75Yrs.jpg (35147 bytes)
Prithi32_Small.jpg (16953 bytes)The Man who flew too much - II - the flying career of Air Marshal Prithi Singh

Group Captain B S Raje (1935-2007)Group Captain B S Raje Photo Albums 1 and 2 by Rakesh Raje

Black Panty HunterHunter of No.37 Squadron from the 1971 War
WW2.jpg (7452 bytes)The WW2 RIAF Officers Database is now 90% complete! ASWilliams01_Small.jpg (27242 bytes)Sqn Ldr AS Williams sortie to Tsangdhar - 1962 War Other Updated Pages
» RAF24 » OD Agnihotri » OD Agnihotri Akyab » AR Pandit I

Sept 2007

altNight Intruder : A tribute to the Canberra Wg Cdr Tootsie Ghosh's tribute to the twin engined bomber. AFA-Memorial-02.jpgFlight Crew Memorial, AFA, Dundigal commemorates aircrew killed during flying training . EE Canberra B(I)58, T54, PR57, B66, B(I)12New Images: Six new Canberra images and Five HF-24 Marut images added
07430.jpg (32799 bytes)Tribute to OJ D'Sena a course mate pays a tribute to a friend, colleague and an officer. SK434-02_Small.jpg (11681 bytes)MiG-23MF arrives at the IAF Museum in Palam Other Updated Pages
»Officers Database now at 6048 records!
» Air Chiefs Page
» PC Lal

August 2007

Aspy-Nehru_Small.jpg (15659 bytes)Air Marshal Aspy Engineer's Memoirs - in his own words - ten pages of hand written memories spanning three decades. altAir India's Boeing 777 arrives! escorted by two Sukhoi-30s - Exclusive Pictures altNew Images uploaded: Mi-8, Boeing BBJ , Prentices Ouragans and Mysteres
20-Sqn-65_Small.jpg (15455 bytes)Air Chief Marshal Nirmal Chandra Suri's Profile in our Air Chief's Section now online! SC.jpg (10266 bytes)Independence Day Awards - 1 Shaurya Chakra and six VM Gallantry Awards Other Updated Pages
»Thomas Elmhirst CAS Page
»Aspy Engineer CAS Page
»Officers Database Updated (5831 records)
»Unit CO DB Updated

July 2007

-The Messerschmitt HA-300 and the Indian Connection by Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava Indradhanush - The eurospotter photos!Indradhanush - The eurospotter photos! Photos from European Contributors altNew Images uploaded: Hawk 136
Agra in the 90s: A call to nostalgiaAgra in the 90s: A call to nostalgia by Vivek Ahuja with photographs from Wg Cdr P M Ahuja's collection 65th Pilots Course65th Pilots Course - Photos from   Wg Cdr FJ Mehta. Indian contingent at RIAT FairfordIndian contingent at RIAT Fairford by Piyush Upadhyay

June 2007

Hussaini-Painting.jpg (42342 bytes)Plane Tales from the IAF - The Pathankot raid of Dec 10 - by Air Marshal Keith Lewis A Black Archer FulcrumThe Multi-role Fleet (or Multi-billions down the Ganga) The age old saga of the MRCA Armed with 11 AAMsNew Images uploaded to Su-30MKI, Jaguars, Mi-25s, Tejas LSP1
Indradhanush - Sukhoi-30s to the UKIndradhanush - Sukhoi-30s to the UK Photos by Kapil Chandni 001d2.jpg (27393 bytes)DATABASE UPDATES!
Beta IAF Unit CO Database online - for Squadrons and Commands
006-Mi-25_Small.jpg (14176 bytes)Mi-25s in Sri Lanka updated with new details - dates, places, names!
Crash of P/O Palit’s Alouette III in 1964. 114 Helicopter Unit during the 1965 War from AVM A Dalaya's collection. altMention-in-Despatch Awards of the 1947-48 Kashmir War updated. along with a clean up of MiDs of other wars Round the world microlight flight Photos on the IAF's Round The World Microlight Flight expedition

May 2007

The Battle Axes' formation aerobatic teamThe Battle Axes' formation team by Air Marshal R S Bedi - The first nine ac  aerobatics team

106Sqn43Farewell to the Canberra - After 50 years service, the legendary Canberra is retired in a ceremony at Agra. Caribou BM770 of No.33 SquadronMisc Images Uploaded in the Gallery - Caribou, An-12, Hawk A3480 Painting
VCAS-President_Small.jpg (25862 bytes)Honey, I shrunk the funds - Air Marshal Raghavendran on his fight for funds at the MoD Book-Skyhawks.jpg (74713 bytes)BOOK! Sky Hawks The first ever book on Indian Aviatiors of the First World War - reviewed! Canberra Farewell - Revell 1/72 B(I) 58The first IAF Canberra model - by Polly Singh - built to commemorate the retirement of the grand old lady.

April 2007

Chief-Air21.jpg (21851 bytes)Air Chief Marshal FH Major takes over as the new CAS from Air Chief Marshal S P Tyagi ChuckYeager.jpg (10229 bytes)How I crossed Swords with Chuck Yeager. - A young Naval Pilot flying an IAF aircraft destroys a USAF Queen air belonging to the legend. Tenure with No.3 SquadronTenure with No.3 Squadron - AVM Dalaya's Collection. Several rare shots of Tempest fighters!
Updated Pages » Obituaries (W/C D Michael) » IAF Fleet Page » Squadrons » UAV Squadrons » Subsite: AVM Dalaya

March 2007

Foxbat02_Small.jpg (14316 bytes)The MIGnificient Flying Machines - Indian Express correspondent Shiv Aroor covered the last days of the Foxbats. Book-IncredibleWar_Small.jpg (34787 bytes)BOOK! An Incredible War : IAF in Kashmir 1947-48 a new book by Air Marshal Bharat Kumar on the IAF - Reviewed by Phil Camp Z2836 in VIP ColorsMisc Images Uploaded in the Gallery - Mi-8s,   Do-228, Sukhoi SB102, Chetak
AirIndia-Hoarding_Small.jpg (22981 bytes)The Best Years of my life - Sqn Ldr Duncan M Cruickshank writes about the sixties. Spit-Formation_Small.jpg (12806 bytes)Photographs of 54 PC -  from the collection of AVM Arvind Dalaya An R-77 on display at Ahmedabad Air to Air Missiles A new album Air to Air Missiles of the IAF.

February 2007

altAero India 2007 Covered in detail - More than 1500 photographs from multiple contributors now available on site.

P1010793Also see the special features on the exhibits, Walkarounds, Flying displays etc

Air to Surface Munitions Air to Ground Munitions A new album showcasing bombs, Air to Ground Missiles and other equipment of the IAF. Philately SectionTen new FDCs - incl 9 Sqn Colors, VIP Sqn Colors, 1963 Indep Day etc added along with five new Stamps
Tejas KH2005 Walkaround 20Sukhoi-30 MKI
HAL Tejas PV-3
HAL Dhruv
Other Updated Pages
» Awards Section
» Squadrons

January 2007

Ahmedabad Air ShowAhmedabad Display - 36 photos of the static and equipment display at Ahmedabad -The UK 24 - Pilots from 4 PC who went to UK in November 1940 - more than eight new images of the UK trainees. Birch-Flt-Lt_Small.jpg (17434 bytes)Air Cmde Evans Lionel Birch - Photos, Documents from the family collection illustrate a career that spanned nearly three decades.
altRepublic Day 2007 Honours The IAF received 6 PVSMs, 12 AVSMs, 16VMs and 28 VSMs in this years Honours list. Birch-VimanaSamachar_Small.jpg (20788 bytes)Vimana Samachar - download select pages from one of the earliest aviation magazines in India ASharma04.jpgMisc Modeller Galleries updated with two models - a 1/72 MiG29 and a 1/100 MiG-21


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