The databases include personnel databases, Unit Rosters, Awards and Citations and Accidents and Incidents. 

Officers Database 

Saluting01 Small

Updated 31st Dec 2017
Record Count: 30,569
Unit COs


Updated 15th Dec 2017
Record Count: 6,152

WW2 Rosters

7SqnVengGroup Small

Record Count: 2,211

Awards and Citations


Total Record Count: 4,350
Citations Available online: 1536 

Accidents & Incidents

Bewoor04 Small

(1932 - Current)
Record Count: 1,707

Training Courses
53PC Jodhpur CFlt Small

Aircraft Serials

Record Count : 5,127



 Update Notes:

10 June 2017 - Unit CO Database section has now undergone various updates - It is now the Units Database  
30 April 2017 - Unit CO Database section revamped and re-worked   
5 March 2017Officers Database updated  - Total Records 30,021

officers 2017

22 January 2017 - Officers Database updated by A Gupta - Total Records 28,974
19 December 2016 - The Officer's Database has undergone a major update -  We used public records to more than double the existing database to  26874 records!

In addition to Anchit's work, we received a number of portrait photos from Air Marshal Bharat Kumar. Currently the database has 2481 individual photos - a ten time increase!

 officers 2016

Prior to 2016