President's Standards

The award of President's colours/standard is one of the greatest honours bestowed upon an Air Force Unit or Squadron in recognition of exceptional service rendered by it to the nation, both during war and in peace. 

The following are a list of units presented with the standards till date, including the date of presentation and the location where they got their colours.

No.1 Squadron 18-Oct-68  
No.12 Squadron 12-Mar-71  
No.3 Squadron 18-Mar-75  
No.5 Squadron 9-Apr-75  
No.106 Squadron 9-Apr-75  
Air Force Academy 10-Sep-75 Hyderabad
No.16 Squadron 13-Nov-76  
No.23 Squadron 13-Nov-76  
No.101 Squadron 19-Nov-75  
No.2 Squadron 15-Dec-79  
No.4 Squadron 15-Dec-79  
No.6 Squadron 20-Dec-80  
No.7 Squadron 20-Dec-80  
No.8 Squadron 5-Mar-84  
No.9 Squadron 11-Dec-84 Palam
Air HQ Commn Sqn 11-Dec-84 Palam
No.10 Squadron 18-Mar-85 Jodhpur
No.11 Squadron 18-Mar-85 Jodhpur
No.17 Squadron 8-Nov-88 Palam
No.104 Helicopter Unit 8-Nov-88 Chandigarh
No.28 Squadron 2-Apr-91 Pune
No.109 Helicopter Unit 2-Apr-91 Pune
No.20 Squadron 10-Mar-92 Kalaikunda
No.43 Squadron 10-Mar-92 Kalaikunda
Paratroopers Training School 11-Nov-94 Ambala
No.14 Squadron 11-Nov-94 Ambala
No.15 Squadron 26-Oct-95 Jodhpur
Flying Instructors School 26-Oct-95 Jodhpur
No.27 Squadron 13-Nov-96 Gorakhpur
No.114 Helicopter Unit 13-Nov-96 Gorakhpur
No.29 Squadron 7-Nov-97 Palam
No.41 Squadron 7-Nov-97 Palam
Air Force Administrative College 24-Oct-00 Bareilly
No.35 Squadron 24-Oct-00 Bareilly
Aircrew Examination Board 1-Nov-04 Kanpur
No 1 Base Repair Depot 1-Nov-04 Kanpur
Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment 21-Nov-05 Bangalore
Institute of Aviation Medicine 21-Nov-05 Bangalore
No.37 Squadron 15-Feb-07 Bhuj 
No.48 Squadron 15-Feb-07 Bhuj 
No.59 Squadron 12-Nov-08 Bangalore
Air Force Technical College 12-Nov-08 Bangalore
No.108 Squadron 22-Mar-09  Gorakhpur
No.105 Helicopter Unit 22-Mar-09  Gorakhpur 
No.47 Squadron 10-Nov-09 Gwalior
Tactics and Air Combat Development Establishment 10-Nov-09 Gwalior
No.49 Squadron 09-Mar-10 Jodhpur
No.107 Helicopter Unit 09-Mar-10 Jodhpur
No.31 Squadron 11-Jan-11 Pune
No.9 Base Repair Depot 11-Jan-11 Pune
No.25 Squadron 18-Dec-12 Sulur
No.33 Squadron 18-Dec-12 Sulur
No.32 Squadron 20-Nov-13 Halwara
No.220 Squadron 20-Nov-13 Halwara