Rank Badges and Stripes

Thanks to Pavel Mococh for the artwork

Commissioned Officers

Marshal of the Air Force is a honorary rank given to an Air Chief Marshal for his invaluable service and will continue to serve the rest of his term with the honorary rank. In recognition of his services, the Government of India conferred the rank of Marshal of the Air Force onto Arjan Singh in January 2002 making him the first and the only 'Five Star' rank officer with the Indian Air Force.p>

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Marshal of the Air Force Air Chief Marshal Air Marshal Air Vice Marshal
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Air Commodore Group Captain Wing Commander Squadron Leader
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Flight Lieutenant Flying Officer Pilot Officer* .

*The rank of Pilot Officer is not used anymore. All officers in the Indian Air Force are commissioned with the rank of Flying Officer.

Junior Commissioned Officers

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Master Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Junior Warrant Officer

Non-Commissioned Officers

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Sergeant Corporal Leading Aircraftsman Airman