War and Peace - 1962 -71

Su 7f


Ejecting from a Mystere IVa

On 8th March 1967, a young Flying Officer, with less than four years of service, found himself in a predicament over the skies of northern India when the aircraft's main gear did not deploy correctly.  Then Fg Offr David "Dadoo" Subaiya was faced with the choice of crash landing or trusting the SNCASO ejection seat of his Mystere IVa fighter bomber. This is his story in Video!

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21 Seconds - Flame out at LOW LEVEL


21 seconds in time can fly fast without anyone noticing it, but as this supersonic jet pilot can testify, it can appear to be a lifetime - and a lot can happen in those short 21 seconds!

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Surviving a Sukhoi-7 Crash

Wg Cdr Har Kishan Lal Saxena (4907) F(P) flew a variety of aircraft in his career - Vampires, Toofanis, Mysteres and ultimately the Sukhoi-7 fighter bombers. He narrates the tale of his career in the IAF and his fortious escape from a stricken aircraft

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Video: Boss Panther Recollects - Air Marshal S Raghavendran

June 16, 2013 marked the book launch of "Panther Red One"   - The Autobiography of Air Marshal S Raghavendran. Air Marshal Raghavendran's book took shape from the series of articles he had contributed to our site. The book was published earlier this year by Knowledge World India.  The Book launch included a Panel Discussion in which the Air Marshal shared some of his experiences in the IAF in Video. (Length 38 minutes)

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