The Sri Lankan Interlude 1987-90

The Indian involvement in Sri Lanka saw the largest air effort by the Indian Air Force in air maintenance and counter insurgency support amounting to 70,000 sorties by Transport, Helicopter and fighter aircraft without a single loss to hostile fire. We try to narrate the role of the IAF in Sri Lanka in the following Chapters. Please check out the Army Operations of the IPKF in our LAND-FORCES website to get a better idea of the Indian Army's role

Overview : Indian Peace Keepers in Sri Lanka

With the deteriorating situation in Sri Lanka's Jaffna Peninsula the Indian government launched a massive effort to re-establish peace and normality through a two-pronged operation, flying in huge quantities of humanitarian assistance and a massive Peace Keeping Force. The Indian Air Force played a major role, as described here by Shri Pushpindar Singh.

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