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About this site

The Bharat Rakshak's LAND-FORCES website is managed by a team of volunteers. Originally started by Seetal Patel back in 1997, the site is now maintained by Rakesh Koshy, Sachin PK, L N Subramanian. You can contact the webmasters by clicking on this link.  

Legal Disclaimer

All content of this website under the subdirectory of /LAND-FORCES is the sole responsibility of the site in-charge - Rakesh Koshy, L.N Subramanian and Sachin P Keshavan. Neither nor any of its members other than the Webmaster team are responsible for the accuracy of the information nor will they be held accountable for any damage or liability arising over the inaccuracy or inappropriate usage of information contained within this sub-site. Any issues or problems can be bought to the notice of the Webmasters by using our Instant Feedback Form.

Where possible all care has been taken to respect copyright policy of the content. However if you recognise material under your copyright that has been improperly attributed or was not authorised, please do let us know and we will rectify the matter.



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