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Book Release : Downwind, Four Green

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‘Downwind, Four Green', an R/T call synonymous with aircraft carriers, covers the broad history of the Seahawks. These aircraft operated from the decks of three Navies - the British, the Dutch and the Indian - and flew from shore bases in Germany. The Seahawks saw action during the Suez Crisis in 1956 and in Bangla Desh in 1971. After first deck landing on HMS Illustrious in April 1949, the Seahawk continued flying for 30 years in four navies - a feat not many naval fighter aircraft can claim.

The Seahawks were inducted into the Indian Navy in January 1960. On 16 December 1983, Seahawk IN 238 flew for the last time in India, to welcome India's three new Sea Harriers, which were coming from the UK to join 300 Squadron.

Whilst giving accurate but broad-based data, the book is meant specifically for the 'lay' person, who is interested in accounts of military life. At places, they may sound untrue, but these are all facts; some stranger than fiction. It covers the nuances of flying at sea and shows how ordinary but skilled personnel execute the many challenges thrown at them. It describes some events that are unique and provides a wealth of expertise of many Naviators, who have all added their personal experiences. These pages reflect the glory of the valiant Seahawk, of The White Tiger Squadron and all those associated with them.



Admiral RH Tahiliani releasing the book,

'Downwind, Four Green' during the Golden Jubilee

celebration of INAS 300 at Goa.

Standing behind is the author,

VAdm Vinod Pasricha (Retd).



DOWNWIND, FOUR GREEN, is an outcome of the research of VAdm Vinod Pasricha since 1978. He spent years sifting through records, photo albums of the squadron, the archives of NHQ, collecting valuable inputs and then putting them in order. He has made efforts to verify the data and only then included it in the book.

As a result the contents of this book are a treasure for enthusiasts, as well as general readers. Here are some salient features :

Photographs included : 246

Maps/Diagrams/Sketches : 47

Tables giving important data about Seahawks (Not only Indian Navy Seahawks, but of all the navies which flew them) : 37

No of articles/inputs compiled from other Naviators : 57

No of interesting snippets to elaborate the contents including some humourous ones : 65

An Appendix giving exhaustive data about Indian Navy Seahawks.


An Appendix explaining important naval/special terms and abbreviations.

All in all, it is worth reading and enjoying, more than explaining here!

How to order this book :

Price : Rs 1300/-

(£ 25 / $40)

(Postage extra at actual)



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