Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

Type: Pilot & Observer Training.

Variants with Serial Numbers: BN-2A-21; IN-126 to IN-136 (11 aircraft)
........................................BN-2B; IN-137 to IN-142 (6 aircraft)
*Six aircraft were upgraded to the BN-2T standard

Engine: Turbine engine on the BN-2T variant.

Operational Speed: 150 knots (280 km/h).

Service Ceiling: 18,900 feet (5760 metres).

Maximum Range: 1500 nautical miles (2775 km).

Avionics: The Bendix-King RDR-1400C search radar is fitted on the BN-2T variant.

Armament: None.

Self Defence: None.

Comments: Due to a requirement for pilot and observer training, an initial order for six Pilatus Britten Norman BN-2A-21 Islanders was placed with the United Kingdom. The first three aircraft arrived at Cochin on 18 May 1976 while the remaining arrived towards late 1976. Seventeen Islanders were acquired by the Indian Navy to date and at least six aircraft were upgraded to the BN-2T 'Turbine Islander' standard in 1996-97. The upgraded aircraft also feature the Bendix-King RDR-1400C search radar.

Image © Mrityunjoy MazumdarImage © Mrityunjoy MazumdarImage © Mrityunjoy MazumdarA BN-2B Islander [IN 141] at Cochin. The few Islanders that remain in service are to be replaced by Do-228s in varied support roles. Image © Pushpinder Singh Chopra via Anandeep Pannu