HAL HPT-32 Deepak

Type: Two-seat, basic propeller-driven trainer.

Accommodation: Seating for two side-by-side and provision for a third seat behind.

Weights: Basic Empty - 890 kg (1962 lbs)
.............Maximum Takeoff - 1250 kg (2756 lbs)

Engine: One 195kW (260 hp) Textron Lycoming EIO-540-D4B5 flat six piston engine driving a two-blade constant speed propeller.

Performance: Maximum speed at sea level 265 km/h (143 knots)
..................Economical cruising speed 176 km/h (95 knots)
..................Maximum cruising speed 213 km/h (115 knots)

Maximum Initial Rate of Climb: 1100 ft/min.

Service Ceiling: 18,045 feet.

Range: At 10,000 feet with economical cruising power - 745 km (400 nautical miles)

Avionics: None.

Armament: None.

Self Defence: None.

Comments: Around eight HPT-32 Deepak propeller-driven trainers are  used for initial pilot training.


IN-034 w/o 30Mar89  Lt ShyamSunder (RIP)

A HPT-32 Deepak [IN 037] of the Indian Navy. The 'COC' on the tail fin indicates the aircraft belongs to INS Garuda, located at Cochin (Kochi). These aircraft were acquired by the Indian Navy between December 1986 and March 1987. Image © Pushpinder Singh Chopra via Anandeep PannuA HPT-32 Deepak [IN 032] of the Indian Navy at INS Garuda, Cochin (Kochi). Image © Indian Navy