The finest of Indian Websites

Bharat Rakshak
(Times Computing, 14 July 1999)

Till the official armed forces sites came in not very long ago, there was only one place where everyone interested in India's defence could go to -- Bharat Rakshak. And even after the official sites are up, this consortium of Indian military websites is still a long way ahead in providing the most comprehensive and widest range of information on all things military. It's difficult to list everything that's available at this site, for there's simply tons of information -- and very well arranged and detailed information at that.

Not only is there a huge repository of data on the army, navy and air force -- with great pictures, expert details, etc, etc -- but there's also stuff about the police, paramilitary forces, special forces and India's pride -- the new, indigenously-developed missiles. A section on India's space programme is also available. A very well done section is "Duty Unto Death," which tells the stories of those who've laid down their lives for the motherland. Read it to learn about the awesome bravery of these courageous sons. The site also features forums to discuss issues, has the latest news and has good links to other sites, both official and non-official, which also concern themselves with India's security. Simply put, if you are even slightly interested in India's security, you cannot miss this amazing site, which is superbly maintained by seven webmasters.