... but where is the News???

So our site is  now online and the first thing folks said is that the layout is nice, good to see a more upto date format.. but.. but.. where is the news? what happened to it? will it be back?

The short answer - we are still working on it.. the long answer? ... Read on.

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A new Bharat Rakshak site years in the making

Today 10th May 2015, we unveil a new version of the Bharat Rakshak Website . It has been just over ten years that our website front page had undergone a  major revamp. Prior to January 15th, 2005, the BR main page was a static HTML page with links to sites and no dynamic content. Behind this new mainpage and framework has been hundreds of hours of technical gruntwork to bring the BR site to the the latest specs.

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