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The War of 1971

The Liberation Times

Day by Day coverage of the Bangladesh War
India's Fourth Navigational Satellite IRNSS-1D La...
Manohar Parrikar to discuss next generation AWACS...
Sunil Lanba Appointed as C-in-C of SNC
Pakistani spies sent to get details of Project Va...
Admiral Lanba Will Take Over as Navy Chief in May...
Navy recovers body of Lt Kiran Shekhawat from cra...
Two upgraded Mirage 2000 handed over to India in ...
Older Army was sluggish in Kargil, Narendra Modi ...
Navy's Dornier aircraft crashes into sea off Goa ...
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New Book!
New Book on Indian Air Force air wars
Eagles Over Bangladesh : The Indian Air Force in the 1971 War

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P-15 'Flatface' Radar of a SA-3 Pechora SAM Squadron P-15 'Flatface' Radar of a SA-3 Pechora SAM Squadron
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K3602-03 K3602-03
GarudaI GarudaI
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Battle of Kohima - 4/5 Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force)

Subedar Major Indrabir Thapa Sardar BahadurBrigadier Rattan Kaul chronicles the epic battle of Kohima and how the Japanese assault came grinding to a halt in the summer of 1944

The National Military Memorial, Bengaluru

altThe National Military Memorial Park (NMM Park) is a tribute by the Bangalore citizens to honour the men and families of martyrs of the Armed Forces, who have died in the service of the nation. National Military Memorial is located adjacent to Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park in Bangalore.

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"Downwind Four Green" - A Book Review
Book review of Downwind, Four Green, the history of the Hawker Sea Hawk in Indian Navy Service


Naval Aviation change after 60 years

Naval Aviation on the fulcrum of change after 60 years

Indian Naval Aviation completed 60 years on 11 May 2013. The first MiG-29K squadron, INAS 303 ’Black Panthers’ was formally commissioned into the Indian Navy.

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Operation Pawan - Role of Airpower with IPKF

Reviewed by Jagan Pillarisetti



Bomber Night - Gathering of Canberra veterans


On 6 December 2014, Marshal of the Air Force, Arjan Singh reviewed the gathering of the Canberra Veterans at "Bomber Night" in Pune.  The event was a major success with several veterans of the Canberra fraternity gathering from all over India in one night to celebrate the role of a beloved aircraft in the presence of a living legend.

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