Arjan Singh - Marshal of the Indian Air Force

Title Arjan Singh - Marshal of the Indian Air Force
Author(s) Roopinder Singh
Publisher Rupa & Co
Year 2002
Price Rs 95.00
Description Hardbound - Pocket Format - 88 Pages
ISBN 81-71679382
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altThis is a small book - roughly about four inches x 6 inches in dimensions. This is part of the "Rupa Charitravalli" series, which focuses on the biographies of important indian leaders.

This biography of Marshal Arjan Singh followed very soon after the Arjan Singh got the five star rank, and thus would make one suspect that this is a 'quickie' written to capitalise on the event.

However such fears are unfounded, what the readers get is a neat little book with a great write up on Arjan Singh. What sets this book different from others are the excellent never before published photographs from the Marshals collection.

Having the access to the photos from the Marshal's collection ensures some rare beauties turn up - including many of No.1 Squadron on the field. The cover photograph of Arjan coming out of the cockpit, his beard wrapped in a cloth under a flying helmet - is indicative of the type of pictures.

The only grouse is that the book is not in a larger format. and the photographs bigger. One cant expect much data from 88 pages in this small format, but at a competitive price of Rs 95.00 one cannot complain about it!

I would highly recommend this book to any collector of books on indian aviation.

Reviewed by Jagan Pillarisetti