Video : Revisiting "Salt of the Earth" - 28 Years Later

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

28 years after it was initially aired on National TV, we revisit the ground breaking film on the Indian Air Force "Salt of the Earth", which set the tone for historical accuracy and air to air filmography for the decades that followed. The original documentary, as made by Kunal Verma and Dipti Bhalla can be viewed at 

This video is a conversation with Shiv Kunal Verma, who made the film, dwelves into how he came up with the idea and worked with the IAF to complete it. The first video is long at 55 minutes, and we barely start our review with the film. The stage is set with Kunal explaning how he he worked to get the funding and collaboration with the IAF, as well as the technology he had to deal with.

Part Two deals with the portion upto the 1965 war

Part Three deals with the the 1971 War