Kalvari Class (Foxtrot Class)


Vessel Type: Submarine, Type 641. (Foxtrot Class)

Names & Pennant Numbers with commission dates:
INS Vagli S42 (10 August 1974) - completed 35 years of active service. Due to decommission in 2010

Names & Pennant Numbers with commission dates:
Kalvari S23 (08 December 1967) - decommissioned on 31 May 1996
Khanderi S22 (06 December 1968) - decommissioned on 18 October 1989
Karanj S21 (04 September 1969) - decommissioned on 01 August 2003
Kursura S20 (18 December 1969) - decommissioned on 27 September 2001
Vagir S41 (03 November 1973) - decommissioned on 07 June 2001
Vagsheer S43 (26 December 1974) - decommissioned on 30 April 1997
INS Vela S40 (31 August 1973) - decommissioned 25 June 2010

: Submerged; 1950 tons.
....................Dived; 2475 tons.

Dimensions: Length - 91.3 metres.
................Beam - 7.5 metres.
................Draught - 6 metres.

Diving Depth: 250 meters (820 feet), reducing with age.

Main Machinery: Has three Type 37-D diesel electric generator sets with 6000 hp. Also has 3 motors which give 5400 hp. Has 3 shafts and 1 auxiliary motor with 140 hp.

Maximum Speed: Surfaced; 16 knots.
.......................Dived; 15 knots.

Maximum Range: 20,000 miles at 8 knots surfaced
.......................380 miles at 10 knots dived.

Complement: 75 (incl. 8 Officers).

Radar: Surface; One MRP-25 (NATO: Snoop Tray) radar at I-band frequency.

Sonar: One Hercules bow mounted sonar, passive search & attack with medium frequency.
..........One Fenik sonar, passive search & attack.

Weapons: Ten 533mm torpedo tubes (6 forward, 4 aft), with 22 SET-65E/SAET-60 active or passive homing torpedoes to 8.1n miles; 15 km at 40 knots. Carries 44 mines, in lieu of torpedoes.

Countermeasures: ESM; Stop Light - radar warning.

Cutaway of Foxtrot B427 from the ex-Russian Pacific Fleet Unit. The sub is now on display at Long Beach, California. The boat was used for training foreign sub crews. Indian Navy boats are broadly similar, but have quite a few differences.






INS Vela was decommissioned on 25 June 2010 at Vizag after 37 years of service. Her last dive was in 03 June 2009. 26 officers commanded her during her commission.

INS Vagli is the last boat of the 8th Submarine Squadron based at Vizag. A media report (The Hindu), dated 17 December 2006, stated that INS Vagli successfully completed her diving trials in late 2006, after a medium refit at the Hindustan Shipyard Limited at Vizag. The refit involved hull refurbishment and installation of main & auxiliary machinery and systems. INS Vela is undergoing a refit, which likely began in 2005 and may not be completed. INS Vela took part in an ASW exercise with the Singapore Navy from 03 - 13 March 2003 and in a joint exercise with the Royal Navy from 17 - 20 April 2004.

The Karanj served as trials platform for the ATV command systems including the 'Rani' and 'Pachendriya' radar/sonar equipment. With her decommissioning on 01 August 2003, it is unsure which of the two remaining Foxtrot Class boats - if ever - will take over as the trials platform for the ATV's systems. The Kursura has been converted into a submarine museum in Visakhapatnam. The conning tower of the Kalvari can also be seen in Vizag.