Nicobar Class

Andamans in her former avatar as the Nancowry, a vessel which was formerly owned by the Shipping Corporation of India. Image © Stocznia Szczecinska via Adam SmigielskiINS Nicobar at sea. Image © 92 Wing, RAAF

Vessel Type: Type B-561 Transport Ship.

Names, Launch and Commissioning Dates:
• INS Nicobar (Yard # B-561/1) was launched on 12 April 1990 and delivered to the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) on 05 June 1991. The vessel was acquired by the Indian Navy in April 1998.
• INS Andamans (Yard # B-561/2 - completed as the Nancowry) was launched on 05 October 1990 and delivered to the Shipping Corporation of India on 31 March 1992. The vessel was acquired by the Indian Navy in April 2000.

Dimensions: Length (Overall) - 157 metres.
................Length (Between Perpendiculars) - 144 metres.
................Height - 12.8 metres (depth of the hull).
................Beam - 21 metres.
................Draft - 6.7 metres.

Displacement: 19,000 Tons full load.
...................4963 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage). DWT is the amount of cargo, fuel, water, stores and crew a vessel can carry when fully loaded. DWT is expressed in long tons of 2240 pounds each.
...................14,176 GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage). GRT - also used to describe merchant ships, especially passenger-carrying ships - refers to the volume of space within the hull & enclosed spaces above the deck which is available for cargo, stores, fuel, passengers and crew. GRT is measured in units of 100 cubic feet and its use dates back to the time when a ship's capacity was measured by how many barrels ('tuns') of wine that a ship could carry.

Main Machinery: Two Cegielski-B&W type 6L35MC diesels each rated at 2670 kW, driving two shafts. Total power is listed at 5340 kW.

Maximum Speed: 16 knots.

Complement: 119 design, possibly 160 in practice.

Cargo Capacity: 1200 troops.

Radar: Navigation; Not Known.

Helicopters: Platform for one medium helicopter.

Comments: Contrary to other published reports, these ships were not built at Hindustan Shipyards, Vizag. These are Type B-561 cargo-passenger vessels designed & built by Szczecin Shipyard in Szczecin, Poland. They were originally ordered by the Ministry of Transport & Navigation for service with the Shipping Corporation of India Ltd (SCI) and were later acquired by the Indian Navy for troop transport duties. The design of the Type B-561 was however sold to India for license construction. The ships have large davits for LCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) and feature a high bridge forward, funnel aft and helicopter platform at the stern. The vessels could have a more general purpose role, other than troop transport.