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TV Coverage

03 Dec 2007 NDTV features the Bharat Rakshak Website in its coverage of the Official War Histories from the Ministry of Defence NDTV20071204.jpg (41143 bytes)
08 Oct 2006 Bharat Rakshak team member Kapil Chandni is featured on Doordarshan's Defence Watch - Indian Air Force Day Special - In three parts


2005 NDTV Report by Vishnu Som on Google Earth covers the BR Forums discussion on Google Earth and also carries an interview with one of the Webmasters


2000 Channel [V], India's Premier Music Television Channel, covered Bharat Rakshak and its activities on its Virtual [V] program on 15 August 2000 and interviewed Webmaster Rakesh Koshy. Real Media Clip


Mail Today's 2 Dec 2007 report by Binoo John on Plt Offr S D Thyagarajan reports about Bharat Rakshak -
2006 Christopher Griffin wrote about the Bharat Rakshak Forum on the Armed Forces Journal in the article "The Indian Voice"
Bharat Rakshak provided the IAF Quiz on Rediff Here and Here
Bharat Rakshak provided material for the 1965 War Section on Rediff
Business Standard, 2005 (Text)

Times of India, 26 January 2004

Rediff.Com, 16 August 2003
The Hindu 27 January 2002
The Financial Express, 05 August 2001
India Times Poll, 15 August 2000
Times Computing, 14 July 1999
Bharat Rakshak Review by Britannica.Com

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