Assistance to victims of Ambilobe fire disaster

Indian Naval Ship Trikand of the Western Fleet is on a goodwill visit to East Africa and Southern Indian Ocean. The ship was at Antsiranana from 31 Aug to 03 Sep 16 to further bilateral ties with Madagascar. The ship, during her stay in harbor, has been extensively engaging with the Malagasy authorities both in the military and civil arena to boost relations between the nations.


The recent calamity at Ambilobe, a region about 140 Km from Antsiranana, saw bush fires resulting in extensive damage to property and livelihood. In support of the government and the people of Madagascar, the Indian Navy swung into immediate action to provide succor to more than five thousand affected citizens. INS Trikand donated essential food items and medicines to the affected populace, since the ship is always ready to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) during such eventualities. Storage of HADR bricks on ships is a SOP and all operational ships carry it at all times. The ship provided the following items to the Malagasy authorities at Antsiranana on 03 Sep 16: -







1000 Kgs



50 Kgs


Tinned Fruit

50 Kgs



50 Kgs


Tetra Milk

250 Ltrs


Cooking Oil

100 Ltrs


Disposable Crockery and Cutlery

500 each


Essential Medicines

Two boxes


The helping hand by the Indian Navy is in line with the Indian government’s and the Navy’s policy of immediate and sustainable assistance to all its neighbours in times of need.



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