Indian Air Force Units and Commanders Database

Flying Unit

The first Indian Air Force unit raised was No.1 Squadron, Indian Air Force on 1st April 1933. Since then a number of Squadrons, Flights and Units were raised spanning the number range 1-224. With the exception of a few SA-2 Squadrons raised in the mid 60s, all other Squadrons operated either fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.

Air Defence Unit

The Air Defence Missile Squadrons and UAV Squadrons. IAF initially had SA-2 and later SA-3 (Pechora), Igla and recently the Akash Missile systems

Signal Unit

Signal Units, Signal Squadrons, TRUs refer to the various Air Defence Radar, Communication and Electronic Warfare units that are spread across the length and breadth of the Country

Logistics & Maintenance Unit

Working Under the Maintenance Command, these units support the technical and logistic needs of the IAF. The Units include Base Report Depots, Equipment Depots, Repair & Salvage units and Air Stores Parks

Air Force Bases & Stations

Bases are typically Static Geographical Locations that host other lodger units. These include Wings, Forward Base Support Units (FBSU), Care& Maintenance Units, MEMUs and other Air Force Stations. These are commanded by a Station Commander or an AOC (Air Officer Commanding)


The IAF currently has five operational commands, each of which is headed by an AOC-in-C (Air Officer Commander-in-Chief) with the rank of Air Marshal and two additional commands - Training Command and Maintenance Command. IAF Air Marshals also command tri-services commands such as Andaman & Nicobar Command and Strategic Forces Command

Inter- Service Coordination Command

The Operational Commands sometimes have Sub-Sectors and Tactical Air Centers based on regional locations or Advance Head Quarters, whose main function is to liason with the Army or Navy.

Flying Training & Institution

Various Flight training and specialist institutions involving fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Some of these institutions have since been disbanded or renamed.

Ground Training & Institution

Various training and specialist institutions for Technical, Administrative and Medical branches