Sandhayak Class

A Sandhayak Class survey ship. Image © Indian NavyImage © Mrityunjoy MazumdarA stern shot of INS Nirdeshak. Note the helicopter hangar. Image © Mrityunjoy Mazumdar

Vessel Type: Survey Ship.

Names & Pennant Numbers with commission dates:
INS Sandhayak J18 (14 March 1981)
INS Nirdeshak J19 (04 October 1982)
INS Nirupak J14 (14 August 1985)
INS Investigator J15 (11 January 1990)
INS Jamuna J16 (31 August 1991)
INS Sutlej J17 (19 February 1993)
INS Darshak J20 (28 April 2001)
INS Sarvekshak J22 (14 January 2002)

Displacement: 1929 tons full load.

Main Machinery: Two diesel engines with 7720 hp sustained. Also has two shafts which has active rudders.

Maximum Speed: 16 knots.

Maximum Range: 6000 miles at 14 knots.
.......................14,000 miles at 10 knots.

Complement: 178 (incl. 18 officers) + 30 scientists.

Weapons: 1 or 2 Bofors 40mm/60 guns.

Countermeasures: ESM; Telegon IV HF D/F.

Radar: Navigation; One Racal Decca 1629 radar at I-band frequency.

Helicopters: One HAL Chetak.

Comments: Fitted with a telescopic hangar. The first six vessels have three echo sounders, extensively equipped laboratories and carries 4 GRP survey launches on davits amidships. Painted white with yellow funnels. An active rudder, with a DC motor gives speeds of up to 5 knots. First three vessels (J18, J19 and J14) are based at Vizag and have been used as troop transports. J15 is based at Mumbai and J16 and J17 at Kochi. The last pair were laid down in May and August 1995, and are to have a secondary role as casualty holding ships.